November 27 2020 - IT'S OUT 

A Thousand Ways EP is out EVERYWHERE TODAY!

And honestly, I'm proud, happy, excited, grateful...and also a tiny bit bummed. This release is not at all how I imagined it would be. I really miss playing live shows with a full band. I feel uneasy about the future of the music industry, especially for those of us without a powerful team and label who play smaller venues, some of which are closed or closing.

But, in saying all that...I'm proud of myself for doing so much of this on my own. I'm happy to finally be sharing these songs, some of which are almost 4 years old. Honestly - I'm grateful that I'm still here making music. For a while I really couldn't imagine my future, here, writing and releasing music and making art. 

I have so many folks to thank:

Alex Wyder 
Andrew Bryan 
Andrew Burt 
Chuck Smith 
Donovan Woods 
Elsa Gebremichael 
Emily Byrne 
Jason Burns 
Jenn Grant 
Jordan Canning 
Kim Harris 
Lauren Saunders 
Leah Fay 
Lindsay Duncan 
Lisa Patterson 
Mel Stone 
Olivia Fader 
Rebecca McDonald 
Ria Mae 
Tyler Lovell 
Vanessa Cito 
Vanessa Conley

My incredibly supportive family. I love you and we'll have a virtual cheers today!

And to my wonderful partner Tom - thank you for never doubting for a second that I'd be well enough to release music again. 

To Daniel Ledwell - thank you for being so patient and supportive at a time when I was very insecure and...wobbly. I learned so much from you. Thanks for letting me do 47 (FORTY. FUCKING. SEVEN) takes of that one guitar solo when it was so late and we were so tired. Recording together was one of my highlights of 2019. I had to pull over after I left your beautiful studio for the last time because I was crying so hard. I will never forget those 8 days!

Thank you all for listening, watching, reading. I've received so many beautiful comments and messages about how some people have really related to these lyrics. I'm touched. Making music has always been and probably always will be one of the greatest joys of my life. Thank you for allowing me to do that!

Finally, thank you to FACTOR, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council for their help in funding this project. 

Hopefully we'll all be able to meet again soon, dancing together in a sweaty bar somewhere. 

- Meg


PS - you can buy the digital version of the EP at my Bandcamp (a portion of the proceeds will go to First Light) OR if you're feeling nostalgic and somehow have an old CD player kicking around somewhere you can buy the CD from my Bandcamp as well xo


October 30 2020 - If I Can't Do It The Way I Want, Then I Don't Want To Do It At All - OUT NOW 

The second single from the 'A Thousand Ways' EP is available on all platforms today! 


The lyric video was made by an incredible artist named Paloma Dawkins - check it out below:

Meg Warren - If I Can't Do It The Way I Want, Then I Don't Want To Do It At All


This song is a reminder to myself that it's ok to not work obsessively sometimes. Is there a way to be a professional musician/songwriter/producer and still take two days off a week sometimes? Is it ok if I don't say yes to every opportunity? Is it a personal failure or a mark of my 'laziness' if my streaming numbers aren't where I want them to be? 

I don't know, but existing in the industry as I did when I was younger made me really unwell. So I've made a decision to ease up on the gas pedal and just enjoy making and sharing art a bit more.


- Meg

October 2 2020 - 'Bomb' is available everywhere!! 

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Youtube, your nan's gramophone...


Thank you all for the wonderful feedback about the tune. I got so many kind texts/comments/message...I was lifted by it all yesterday! 

If you'd like to purchase the single you can do so at my Bandcamp and a portion of the proceeds go to First Light


Details on the music video coming soon...


- Meg


Hi friends!!


It's been a long time coming but I'm SO friggin excited to announce that I'm releasing my new single 'Bomb' this Thursday, October 1st. I'll be celebrating by playing a virtual set with St. John's based music and arts festival Lawnya Vawnya. If you're in St. John's, I'll be 'playing' at Bannerman Brewing Co. alongside Hullo and Nico Paulo, and Bridget Canning will be doing a reading. Otherwise - you can stream my performance at 7:45 PM EDT (9:15 in NL). 


Set a reminder at the link below <3 <3


- Meg



Meg Warren has been writing hooks for most of her life. Whether it was winning provincial music composition contests when she was a kid in Newfoundland, to grinding it out in bars across Canada during her time in her award-winning band Repartee, to now hushing hundreds with a powerful stark melody in a downtown performance space - the venues may be different, but one thing stays the same - melody.

After starting the multiple award-winning band Repartee in 2009, they criss-crossed Canada for 8 years, driving the van to hundreds of shows across the country. Her time in Repartee lead her to stadium shows with the likes of Mariana’s Trench and Shawn Hook, to festival stages with Weezer and Ok Go, to loading in and giving it all to any (and every) grimy bar in Canada that would take them.

A high point in her career came in 2016 when what started as a little song idea about fighting for the people you love called ‘Dukes’ became the most added song across all radio formats across Canada in July of that year. Repartee would go on to win the 2017 Indie Music Award for Pop Artist/Group of the year.

Now, as a solo artist and songwriter, Meg has already made some impressive strides, including a co-write with Alan Doyle and juno-nominated Fortunate Ones, which can be found on the latter’s 4-time ECMA-nominated album, Hold Fast. She also co-wrote LeRiche’s single ‘Hair Elastic’ last year.

Continuing her versatility in music - Meg has begun work as a producer and engineer - both co-producing and co-engineering her EP, ‘A Thousand Ways’ with ECMA-winning producer Dan Ledwell. She also engineered, mixed, and co-produced Newfoundland singer-songwriter Virginia Fudge’s upcoming EP which is slated for an early 2021 release. 

From her early days cold calling venues a lifetime away from her apartment in St. John's to grimy east coast dives to arenas and now the recording studio - Meg's persistence and drive is unwavering as she embarks on another chapter in already an impressive career. She can't wait to see what's next.



Digital EP and physical CD available

Digital EP and physical CD available



October 1, 2020 - Virtually for the Lawnya Vawnya music and arts festival -


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